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Delco Coffee Co. Variety Pack

Comes with three 12oz bags

Can't decide which Delco Coffee Co. blend to try? Why not try them all (at a lil discount too)?! This variety pack comes with one bag of each Delco Coffee Co. blend:


Home Roast: (Light Roast) The (un)official coffee of Delaware County. This light roast is sweet and smooth, perfect for early mornings or late nights. Choose between ground or whole bean.

Tasting notes: caramel, apple, nuts. smooth finish


Wake Up Yous Guys: (Dark Roast) Feelin' a bit groggy in the morning? Why not wake up with the bold, dark flavors of chocolate, oak, and creme brulee?

Tasting notes: bakers chocolate, caramelized creme brulee, oak


Dad Roast: (French Roast) This roast is for all the dads out there! It's bold, robust, and hard-working - just like them.

Tasting notes: cocoa, dark caramel, smokiness