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What a Crock Meals

Peppermint Chocolate Cake

One portion of this cake feeds 6-8 people.

A delicious and festive holiday spin on What a Crock's classic Chocolate Molten Cake. It's fudgy and decadent with just a hint of peppermint.

Please note, this cake does not come with a cup and is meant to be cooked in your slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Instructions

Cook in a 2-4 quart slow cooker for 3-6 hours on low heat. The cake will go from a half-baked brownie to a fully baked cake in 3-6 hours.

By three hours the cake will have a pudding-like texture.

By four hours the cake will have a fudge-like texture.

By five hours the cake will have a lava cake-like texture.

By six hours it will be a full-on chocolate brownie/cake.

Disclaimer: All meals are produced in a kitchen that contains allergens including but not limited to wheat, soy, dairy and shellfish.