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Grill Or Be Grilled Grill Pack

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In a grill or be grilled world, it's always wise to do the grilling (especially with the gourmet proteins included in this grill pack).

This pack comes with 36 pieces (8 pounds) of product:

  • 5 All Beef Grill Burgers

    • Wow your family and friends at your next barbecue with these delicious all beef burgers! Add all your favorite condiments and toppings to build the perfect burger.

  • 4 Craft Beer Brats

    • Made from the highest quality pork, beef, and craft beer, these brats feature an old-world flavor and distinct snap.

  • 12 Colossal Shrimp

    • When jumbo is just not enough, these colossal shrimp are great for the grill. Try them blackened or with your favorite grilling spices.

  • 4 Wild Boar Sausage Links w/ Garlic Marsala

    • This wild boar sausage features the flavors of Tuscany, where boar have been eaten and prized for generations. Each sausage is made with roasted garlic and Marsala wine, with hints of rosemary and cloves.

  • 3 Wagyu Beef Burgers

    • Enjoy the highest quality beef available with our gourmet Wagyu Beef Burgers! These domestic all-natural Wagyu beef burgers have a luxurious, rich, beefy flavor and the perfect quality of marbled fat.

  • 5 Smoked Hot Sausage Links

    • These sausages will bring a little heat to your next cookout. They're perfect on a sandwich, with pasta, or just by themselves!